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Understanding and Treating TFCC Wrist Pain: The Deep Physio Guide 🙌🏽

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

The Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex (TFCC) is a vital structure that stabilizes the wrist joint. Being someone who had a recent wrist "injury," I figured this a good time to write this!

TFCC injuries are relatively common and can cause significant pain and discomfort. If you're experiencing TFCC wrist pain, it's essential to understand the injury and explore effective treatment options.🤝

When dealing with a TFCC wrist injury, it is essential to approach exercises with caution and consult with a healthcare professional or physiotherapist before attempting any rehabilitation exercises. Here are three exercises commonly recommended for TFCC wrist injuries:

  1. Wrist Range of Motion Exercises: Perform gentle wrist range of motion exercises to maintain flexibility and prevent stiffness. Start by slowly flexing your wrist forward and then extending it backward. Next, move your wrist from side to side in a gentle, controlled manner. Perform these exercises for 10-15 repetitions, multiple times a day. 🤌🏽

  2. Forearm Pronation and Supination: Sit comfortably with your forearm resting on a table or your lap. Hold a small dumbbell or a hammer in your hand with your palm facing downward. Slowly rotate your forearm to bring your palm facing upward (supination). Then, rotate your forearm back to the starting position with your palm facing downward (pronation). Perform 10-15 repetitions, gradually increasing the weight as tolerated and make sure movements are CONTROLLED. 🔨

  3. Wrist Strengthening with Theraband: Secure one end of a Theraband or resistance band to a stationary object. Work on wrist flexion and extension against the banded resistance. Feel free to add bicep and tricep strengthening in combination with wrist stability to work the whole chain 💪🏽

Remember, these exercises should be done within a pain-free range of motion and under the guidance of a healthcare professional or physiotherapist. It's important to proceed with caution and avoid exacerbating the injury.

Feel free to reach out with questions or more tips! 🏄🏽‍♂️

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