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Physiotherapist/Kinesiologist/Personal Trainer

Pradeep was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. After having worked as a Kinesiologist in Canada, in search of something new, he moved to Amsterdam to pursue a career in Physiotherapy. He has been working as a Physiotherapist since 2019 under the Deep Physiotherapy brand where he combines both Physiotherapy and Personal training services. 

Pradeep treats a wide array of ailments with specialization in sport-related injuries. Since 2023 he is a member of the KlimFysio team which consists of climbing focused physios around the Netherlands. Pradeep also has a passion in working with basketball and football athletes. 

His treatment methods consists of exercise based rehabilitation, fascial techniques and dry needling. 
Questions? Feel free to contact him via or +31684158043

Some Treatment Modalities Include: 

- Dry Needling
- Anatomy Trains Fascial Techniques 
- IASTM Graston Scraping Technique
- Sport & Kinesiology taping 
- Muscle Flossing technique
- Exercise therapy 
- Manual mobilizations
- Soft tissue mobilizations 

Rosa, Amsterdam, NL

Pradeep is nu al 3 jaar mijn fysiotherapeut en ik ben hem ontzettend dankbaar voor zijn goede zorgen. Hij is kundig en ook nog eens super leuk in de omgang. Ga naar hem als je van je blessures af wilt komen of advies nodig hebt!
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